Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sticking with cyber-communication

source: Yahoo
Most of us have heard that countless couples have been formed through online dating.
At a wedding, I even heard a couple thank an online dating site in
their vows! While I credit the Web for producing countless love
matches, technology can often put too many screens up between us. We
develop superficial relationships over text, instant messenging, and
email. After getting comfortable with someone online, get past the
initial stage of dating and lay off the gadgets a bit! Make time to
hang out in person to really get to know someone -- not just the
persona he presents online or on the phone.


Aling Peppay said...

I also know some people who fell in love with each other just by online dating. I guess this is what modern technology can really do. More and more people settle for anything that gives them convenient.

collapsingbarrycade said...

ahh, the cupido that is world wide web. i have a friend who found her love through online. i guess they're still together now.

on the extreme, i also have a friend who got a real-life stalker because the man fell in love with her and her posts. hahahaa.

samjuan said...

I totally agree.
Dapat eh magkaayus din kayo sa personal.
Sana makatagpo din ako ng lablayp online. hehe