Monday, February 23, 2009

Boomerang Children

What it means? Boomerang children refers to the growing number of young adults who have moved back into their parents’ home after time out of the house, say at a four-year stint at college.

With the latest crop of college grads having gone through the pomp and circumstance of commencement, a new flood of able-bodied college grads has entered the workforce. Or not. With the “r word”—recession—on every economist’s lips and the U.S. unemployment rate ticking upward, job prospects are less than stellar for the class of 2008. So rather than light out for the big city in pursuit of entry-level positions, affordable digs, and the sort of twenty-something scraping-by that previous generations accepted as a matter of course, many in the millennial generation are bringing it all back home. Boomeranging has its supporters and its critics. The pro camp views it as a way for parents and children to forge healthy adult relationships. Those against call the trend perilous pampering that curbs motivation and paves the way for generational conflict.

Does it mean that every adult Filipino is (or was but mostly is still is) Boomerang child.  Heck, we hardly notice the recession. Even before they invented the word we already  know what it is. We are genuises.


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