Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To My Confused Friend

A friend of mine asked me what I think about his current situation. His girlfriend dumped him for another guy and he's trying to move on with his life. He's currently trying to woo someone when all of a sudden his ex-girlfriend called him up and asked him if they could mend their previous relationship . He's confused. I dunno what's the real deal between him and his current 'almost friend' and his ex-girlfriend. I'm not even sure why he asked me such question. Maybe an affirmative action for a lame excuse to dump someone or simply the truth.

I am an expert wannabe so I said, "As a friend I’d ask you, do you still love her? Kse if you do, what are the chances are you willing to take? Have you forgiven her and willing ka bang tanggapin siya ulit? K’se if you did forgive her, you should be sure to yourself that you won’t be throwing what she did to you on her face. New life." Naks!

Well, he's confused. What can I say? He's confused. Period. I can't blame him.

With his current situation, it made me rethink with what I had with my old boyfie whom I had the longest relationship I ever had. An on/off relationship, he was my first boyfriend, he became my last, he WAS the love of my life and he was my childhood sweetheart. A big part of my past maybe that's why I had a hard time to let him go THEN. Let's see...

He was my first boyfriend when we were in HS for about a year but we have to break it off simply because we're too young.

Went to college, I met other good looking and wonderful guys whom I had relationships with.

Then we meet again. He's financially stable and managing their family-owned business/company while I was busy earning my second degree. We became an item again.

He's a guy you want to spend your time with. He's good looking, full of surprises, mysterious, intellectually stimulating, exciting and full of fun. So what is it that made me end it with him? We grew up separately within our relationship. Couldn't find common ground for both of us anymore.

Since I became a Christian when I was in HS I have grown so much spiritually while he, on the other hand, is not a Christian and cannot comprehend what it really is to become one.

So that's it. The end of story. He's happy now and I am happy where I am.

As for my confused friend, I hope you consider the following common bad dating beliefs before you decide to date again:

* You choose potential partners who are incapable of meeting your emotional needs.
* You think love has to be difficult, painful, and/or hard.
* You think your potential partner is going to fix whatever you don't like about yourself or your life.
* You believe time is running out on your search for love and/or your chance to have children.

Godspeed to you amigo!


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