Wednesday, June 3, 2009

From Your Bottom To My Face

On Sunday night during the 18th Annual MTV Movie Awards, when Sacha Baron Cohen's alter-ego Bruno descended from the rafters and landed fanny-first on Eminem's head, most folks figured that the rapper's rage was the real deal. Suckers! Not only was Eminem in on the joke, he and Baron Cohen rehearsed it to make sure it would all go according to plan.

You can check out Yahoo! Buzz Log and Chicago Tribune for stories about the fake stunt

Anyways, I can't stop laughing even if I've seen this trailer for the hundredth time.


Marv's Corner said...

ok this has nothing to do with sacha. but you left a comment on my blog. so umm.. have we met before? just wanna know ok, not being suplado or something. sometimes friends would hide identity kasi eh.

harada57 said...
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