Friday, May 15, 2009

Cut Your Own Hair

I gave myself a haircut. Literally. I am not an expert in cutting hairs, but I do know how. Photographic memory serves me well when I first tried to cut my hair. Just put some clip here and there, cut here and there. Voila! I have my new layered hairstyle. When my mom saw that I can cut hair, she even asked me to cut her hair and paid me. Hahaha! Not just my mom, but my brother's as well. I'm getting better and better. Did I mention I do it with my ShihTzu's fur too? Wahaha!

As I have read in, cutting your hair at home can save money and allow you to experiment with daring new looks.

Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Start with freshly washed, damp hair. If your hair is dry, spritz with water until damp. Comb out.

Step 2

Start with a plan. What do you want to do--cut off two inches or drastically change your whole look?

Step 3

Pull a small section of hair straight in your hand. Place your fingers where you would like to cut. Only cut about a half inch at a time.

Step 4

After each snip, stop and re-examine progress. Let hair fall straight. Is it even?

Step 5

Cut one side and then the other, rather than alternating--that often leads to cutting off more than desired. Instead, cut one side to desired length, and then match on other side.

Step 6

To cut layers, cut sections of hair to different lengths, making each cut on a sharp angle.

Step 7

Try to pull as much hair to the front to cut, but if you must cut the back, go slowly, use two mirrors (facing each other) and examine progress after each cut.

Tips & Warnings

* Relax! It's just hair. No matter what you do, it can be fixed in some way. If not, it will grow back!
* Go slowly and do not be nervous. Anxiety will increase your chance of making a mistake.
* If you find yourself continuing to try to even out sides, STOP! You will soon cut off more hair than you desired. Stop, take a deep breath, and reassess. Your hair does not have to be EXACTLY even.


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