Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Dog's IQ

My 7-year-old ShihTzu's IQ scored 17. Not bad for an oldie, huh? Well we adopted him early this year because his owner can't take care of him owner because they're leaving the country. They were planning to put him to sleep since no one wants to adopt an old dog. Poor doggy, so we decided to take him in. Since then, he's my closest companion from being my nap buddy to my exercise buddy to my fun buddy. He's very playful, smart and cute. You'll love him.

Here's how to test your dog's IQ for fun:

In the first test, the dogs had to tip over a can to uncover the treat underneath. The second test required them to free themselves from a towel tossed gently over their heads. In the third test, they had to retrieve a treat from under a very low table. The last test required them to discern their names from other everyday words.

The tests proved to be fun for dogs and people alike, while the results, at least in one case, were surprising. How did the participants score? Click the video link below to watch the test and learn the results. Then take the test at home with your dog. It’s an enjoyable way to learn more about how your best friend thinks.

Video Link

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Have fun!

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